Last night I watched JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG. I recognize that it is considered politically incorrect to say such things these days (Damn Godwin’s Law!), but throughout the entire film I couldn’t help thinking of the apologia offered up by the German people after the War. “We stayed silent because we were afraid and because we […]

Growing up in Grundy County, I knew a boy whose family lived at the end of a dirt road in Layne’s Cove. His name was Jimmy Tucker and his skin was a white as alabaster. It was so white, in fact, that blue veins throbbed through the opacity of his cheeks, especially on cold days. […]

Way back in the stone age when I was an overeager, pimply-faced and intellectually callow freshman at Vanderbilt University, just barely turned seventeen, I took an introductory New Testament course at the divinity school . The course was taught by Fr. John Donoho SJ, a roly-poly little fellow who, come to find out, was one […]

As today’s commemoration draws to a close, it is perhaps appropriate to spend a moment reflecting on the nature of time itself. For those of us of a more mature vintage, the events of fifty years ago in Dallas remain indelibly imprinted on our souls. They are integral to the age we inhabit and the […]

Most of my friends know the one group with the single issue which pushes all my buttons: the idiots, most of whom occupy seats on Texas school boards, who insist that “evolution is just a theory”. Somehow or another, these logic-challenged Lone Star denizens, along with their myrmidons in other red parts of this great […]

Forgive me, I beg you. Once more I have to get something off my chest. As you can imagine, the tailspin of Anthony Weiner’s mayoral candidacy is all the buzz across cable news and Twitter today. I suppose it is a hot topic, driven by salacious revelations and voyeuristic indulgence. I can live with all […]

The other day I was reading about Johan Huibers, the Dutchman from Dordrecht who has built a full-scale replica of Noah’s ark.  It started me thinking about what a simplistic, literal age we inhabit in these first decades of the 21st century and how truly dangerous this trend can be for a species facing our […]